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Jul 27

FIGMENT Boston 2014 Timelapse on the Greenway

Timelapse video of Figment Boston (2014) — Featured artwork from Autosub, Happily Fortunes, Video Bleep, Sonic Beating, and others…

Jun 08

Project MUM Spring 2014 Timelapse

Project MUM Spring 2014 Timelapse from Ranger Pretzel on Vimeo.

Sep 07

Timelapse of Boston Balsaman 2012

For those who cannot make it to Burning Man, there is sometimes the Balsaman party. Here’s the timelapse of the Boston Balsaman 2012:

Jul 17

Firefly 2009 Time Lapse video

Here’s my time lapse video of Firefly 2009. I had a mishap with my camera on Thursday after 30 minutes of shooting (perhaps it was the rain?) The short of it is that I’m missing all the footage from Thursday and Friday. Fortunately, I did manage to get the camera work again for all of …

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Jan 14

Q&A: Time-lapse video of Burning Man 2007

Since the debut of my time-lapse video of Burning Man 2007, a whole slew of people have asked me a myriad of questions about the video. These questions have ranged from “How did you do it?” to “How much did it cost you?” to “Where did you get the idea?” to technical questions on the …

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