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Aug 17

Saco River Float 2014

The Saco River Float of 2014 was a grand success. Thirty or so friends and acquaintances from the Portland and Boston (and NY) area came to float down a 2-mile stretch of the Saco River. A huge thanks to TJ and Deanna for hosting all of us! Here are the resulting photos and video from …

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Jul 19

Harbor Islands Chillout v6.0

View of Boston Harbor from Grape Island

What a chill weekend on Grape Island! This was the 6th iteration of Rob’s famous Harbor Island Chillout. Pizza oven was in effect and the pipeline was full of pizza thanks for the efforts of Kirin and Rachel. The weather was nice, too. Right around 80F with a cool breeze. Water was cold. Perfect for …

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Jul 14

Autosub Smoke and Steam 2014

The Automatic Subconscious “Smoke and Steam” fundraiser was a grand success! The weather was lovely, the food was amazing, the beer was tasty, and the steaming was awfully good and relaxing. And well, the company was excellent, too.  🙂 Mad props to Talena and Adam for doing a great job on the organizing. The pork …

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Jul 07

My Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) 2014 experience

Aged plywood PEX Sign

For a long time, I had heard about this thing called PEX that took place in the Philadelphia area. Only 1 or 2 of the people I knew had ever gone, mostly because it coincided with when Firefly took place. So this year I decided to skip out on Firefly and check out PEX 2014 …

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Jan 14

Q&A: Time-lapse video of Burning Man 2007

Since the debut of my time-lapse video of Burning Man 2007, a whole slew of people have asked me a myriad of questions about the video. These questions have ranged from “How did you do it?” to “How much did it cost you?” to “Where did you get the idea?” to technical questions on the …

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Jan 13

Burning Man 2007 Time-lapse video in 720p HD

Here’s the Burning Man 2007 time-lapse video. This video is the first part of the time-lapse view of my Burning Man camp, Automatic Subconscious. It features 4 different camera angles and includes the “early” burning of the Man, a gorgeous sky/cloud sequence, a few dust storms, and the rainbow that appeared on Friday as well …

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