Feb 24

Stopping the cider fermentation and re-sweetening (or: How to brew hard cider, part 3)

partially-siphoned-ciderThe last post on brewing hard cider was on monitoring the fermentation. It was observed that after a week, the gravity was around 1.030 and it looked like it needed a few more days to reach the 1.012 range. Well, unfortunately, I fell sick and had trouble getting out of bed for a few days. By the time I was well enough again to get out of bed, I realized that my cider had over-shot the target and ended up at 1.010 — oh noes!

Fortunately, that’s not really a problem. It’s just an opportunity to talk about re-sweetening or back sweetening, as some people like to call it…

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Feb 14

Bumps in the trunk = subwoofers

Today I learned (TIL) that “bumps in the trunk” (or “bump in da trunk”) is another way of saying “subwoofers” (in the trunk of my car.)

That is all. Have a good day. :)

Feb 01

Monitoring the fermentation of hard cider (Or: How to brew hard cider, part 2)

The first post in this series covered a very sicider+airlockmple way to start the fermentation of hard cider where it was noted that sweet cider has a specific gravity of around 1.050.

It has now been about 3 days and the cider has started up quite well and fermentation is really going well. The airlock is bubbling away letting of CO2 and the color of the cider is beginning to change as well as the pectin and tannins are beginning to settle out.

Now that we have a solid 1/2-gallon of cider full of active yeast culture, it would be a smart idea to transfer the remaining 4.5 gallons of sweet un-fermented cider to a fermenting vessel to begin the full 5-gallon batch.

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Jan 26

Sweet Cider has a 1.050 specific gravity (or: How to brew hard cider)

sweet-cider-is-1050As many of my friends can attest, I have a knack for brewing hard cider. It’s fun and it’s different than brewing craft beer. It can be a simple straight hard cider, or adjuncts like ginger or pear can be added for more fun. This post is to show that sweet cider has a starting gravity of 1.050. (Click on the photo to the right for a close-up.)

When I took this photo it happened to be 61 degrees Fahrenheit in my house, so the measurement you see is the measurement we get: 1.050 — No need to perform temperature adjustment calculations — And I can say that anytime that I’ve brewed cider in the past, the starting gravity has always been 1.050. But that’s just the beginning of brewing hard cider…


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Jul 12

Photos of Firefly 2013

Firefly 2013 has come and gone. Fortunately, my trusty steed (Canon T4i) was there to capture it all with me. Click on each gallery to see all the photos.

FF2013PeoplePicsFirefly People pics

NatureSceneryFF2013Firefly Nature and Scenery

NecklacesFF2013Necklaces of Firefly

SignsFF2013Signs of Firefly

Sep 07

Timelapse of Boston Balsaman 2012

For those who cannot make it to Burning Man, there is sometimes the Balsaman party. Here’s the timelapse of the Boston Balsaman 2012:

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